FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ you can read answers to typcial questions about our products and delivery services.
If you have questions that are not answered, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.


What is the difference between eLean Games and Lean Games?

Some of our Lean Games are electronically delivered, i.e. that you receive a link where you can download the Game package right after your purchase.These games we call eLean Games.They are complete games, where you receive everything you need to get started right away in terms of Instructions and tools.

These games can be played using just plain paper as material for simulation of production.

We also offer traditional Lean Games where for example LEGO bricks are used to simulate production.


Why are your Lean Games and tools cheaper than most?

Our products are created with the purpose of being efficient, educational and fun training tools which can be used by anyone. By offering complete packages that does not require extra training or support, and by having efficient processes for sale and delivery, we can offer you the products at very attractive prices.


Do I need special skills or training to use the products?

No! All of our products come with very detailed descriptions on how to facilitate a game or a workshop, designed to make sure that anyone can use the tools to train and motivate teams without needing additional training.


Do you deliver world-wide?

Yes! We can deliver all of our products to customers in all countries.

If your specific country is not in the list in the order form, just send us an e-mail and we will add your country as an option within minutes.


How do I purchase a product?

You just browse through the products and add the one(s) to your shopping basket that you wish to order.  Then select the “Show Basket” menu item in the top menu and follow the steps.


Which fees are applied to my order?

We wish to have a transparent pricing system, which means that additional costs are added to the order amount for shipping and handling. You can always see the total amount in the order process before you enter your credit card information. A fee for shipment (physical deliveries only) is applied.



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