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FlowCar is a simple - yet very educational - game developed to introduce the Lean principles and Lean tools in a fun but educational way.

The amazing LEGO bricks give you the opportunity to further develop the game. Use the game to introduce Lean tools such as; Lean layout, Lean flow, KANBAN techniques, waste reduction and line balancing. The package includes a CD with extensive instructor material and an Excel file which will keep you updated with the results of the game and video clips which give an overview of how the game should be used. So buy now and be ready to motivate your organization within days!

Please note that you can buy an extra box of bricks to get more out of the game. The extra bricks free up time from having to disassemble bricks during the game!


The purpose of this Lean Game is to introduce the Lean principles and the various Lean tools through an educational and inspiring process.
Participants get the chance to experience in practice the effect of different layouts and production philosophies. The game should be facilitated in a way that combines the following elements: play / play, discussions and learning.

The game is divided into rounds. Each round is described in detail in this document and will cover topics such as: Purpose of the round, which Lean tools are relevant and which learning points are relevant. There is input for a discussion and instruction on how to measure the results either manually or in a spreadsheet.

In the first round, the production is set up in a traditional function layout with batch production, where the following typical problems arise:

Poor information flow
Stress and poor working environment
Many goods at work
Poor quality
Dissatisfied customers due to long delivery time

Through the next rounds in the game, Lean tools are introduced to give the operators experience in the effect the tools have on the work environment, efficiency, customer satisfaction, etc. Via the included Excel file, you can see the effect of the individual initiatives below; Duration, Goods at work, Quality and Profit.

The following tools are introduced in the game:
7 waste forms
5S (as an option)
Cell layout and single piece flow
KANBAN planning
Line balance
Standardized work

The game is designed for 6-9 participants and one instructor.


Lego bricks for 20 fire trucks
10 extra Lego bricks for the first operation
30 bricks for poor quality
2 bricks for customer specific changes
Excel file with performace graph and profit / loss calculation
Comprehensive instructor guide

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