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Here you can read all about the Lean Game FlowCar.

FlowCar is a simple - yet very educational - game developed to introduce Lean principles and Lean tools in a fun but educational way. The fantastic Lego's give you the possibility to develop this game further. Use this game to introduce Lean principles and Lean tools as Lean layout, Lean flow, KANBAN techniques, waste elimination and balancing processes. The box includes electronic files (downloadable) with a comprehensive instructor's guide and an Excel spreadsheet that will keep track of your game results and a set of video clips that shows how to play the game. So buy now and get ready to start motivating your organization in just a few days!


You can see videos from the first game cycle by clicking these links:

FlowCar video 1 - cycle 1 (no sound available)

FlowCar video 2 - cycle 1 (no sound available)

There are inspirational videos from all game cycles included in the game package.

You can buy the Lean Game FlowCar in diferent languages - read more about them here.

We recommend that you also purchase the extra cars for the FlowCar game. The extra bricks ensures that the cycles runs smoothly without the need for disassembling cars during the cycles.

Extra Cars for FlowCar game

You can also combine different Lean Games in our popular Bundles and get a discount at the same time!

Lean Game BundleLean Game Bundle XLLean Game Bundle XXL









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